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UCEI Enrollment Instructions

Forms are available in PDF format to simplify downloading and printing. Open any PDF form and fill in the highlighted fields on your pc and then print and mail them to UCEI. See PDF forms instructions. For families who would like to submit any forms via email, with the exception of the enrollment form which requires signatures, there are instructions for making electronic copies that can be emailed. Please follow the instructions provided on the Member Forms page.

Enrollment Instructions

Documents consist of:

  1. Utah Christian Homeschool Association (UTCH) Membership Application for the current year. Complete and return directly to UTCH to determine acceptance into UTCH.
  2. Pre-enrollment application for UCEI - one for entire family. Complete and Return to UCEI to determine acceptance into UCEI.
  3. Valid HSLDA membership (This may take longer, just send your other forms in while you wait.)

Upon acceptance by UTCH and UCEI you will need to submit the following documents:

  1. Projected Attendance - one for entire family if appropriate for your curriculum. Attendance form is available in PDF or Excel format - the Excel document will allow you to keep the file on your PC and update it, it also will calculate the days each month and total days for you. You must own MS Excel to use this form.
  2. Proposed Course of Study/Objectives - one per student.
  3. Copy of current immunization records or waiver - official Religious and Personal Exemption form must be obtained and signed at your local health department.

Records to submit and keep throughout the school year

  1. One Actual Attendance form for entire family, if appropriate for curriculum. Quarterly submission of this document not necessary. Submit with the final quarter Progress Report and copy of standardized test results.
  2. One Progress Report per quarter per student. These may be filled in on your computer and printed. These must be submitted by filing dates shown on form.
  3. Standardized Test results for students in 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, and 11th Grades. You may also submit 12th grade ACT, SAT, or other college entrance tests for permanent filing.

    For a list of standardized tests with descriptions and links, please visit www.ghea.org/pages/testing/standardizedTests.php

Please keep a copy of all documents until you have received confirmation of enrollment and notification of file completion at the end of the school year. We have had several instances of postal delivery problems and delays in the past.

See Registration form for further details.

If you have any questions, comments or needs direct them to UCEI by email on the contacts page or Phone 801-613-0847

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