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2014-2015 Forms Now Available

Find the form you need from the list below.  All PDF files can be filled-out and saved to your computer and submitted via email. Follow the directions in the documents.

The Pre-Enrollment form and Enrollment forms are now ready to download and submit. Use the planning calendar below to help plan out your school year.

Please note, new files are only available in PDF format (the Excel files are being discontinued). PDF's can be opened, filled out, saved, and submitted via email.

Before continuing and and using the following PDF's, please do the following:

  1. Download the most recent version of Adobe Reader (XI also known as 11 at the time of this writing). Note, that if you have another operating system, select that link first and download the most recent Adobe Reader for your operating system.    
  2. Although each of the PDF files below will open up in a new browser window, be sure to save the file FIRST to your computer. If you have Windows, save it to your desktop (to find it easily, otherwise choose another folder). 
  3. Once saved, open up the file using Adobe Reader (the most recent version). 
  4. Fill out the form and submit it or save it by renaming the file, for example: 2014-2015.UCEI.3rd.Qtr.Report.lastname.pdf (replace "lastname" with your own last name). If you save a copy of your filled-in form, you then must attach it to an email, if you don't use the "submit" button in the form. 

Please also note:  PDF's sometime fail to function as they were created in certain browsers and/or browser settings. In particular, the Chrome browser tends to have more problems with PDF's than other browsers. If you have a problem filling out your form, please first try using a different browser to download a PDF below and open it up in Adobe Reader (which is free). 

Also, for the Actual Attendance calendar form, if the row does not calcuate on its own in the monthly tabulation column, manually count that month's days (the ones you marked with a "1") and add them up; e.g., if you have 20 days in the month of May, at the end of the column it should automatically update it for you, but if it doesn't manually add the number "20" in that month's total column.

Form Name


Pre-Enrollment click
on icons

HSLDA Application Use Group # 293197 for the discount.

2014-2015 UCEI Pre-Enrollment Application 80px-pdf
UTCH Membership Form 80px-pdf
Enrollment Forms for the 2014-2015 School Year  
2014-2015 Proposed Course of Study and Goals -Standard Subjects 80px-pdf 
2014-2015 Proposed Course of Study and Goals - Blank 80px-pdf 
2014-2015 Projected Attendance 80px-pdf 
2014-2015 Actual Attendance 80px-pdf
2014-2015 Grades K -8 Progress Report Standard Subjects
2014-2015 Grades 9-12 Progress Report Standard Subjects
2014-2015 Grades 9-12 Progress Report Blank 80px-pdf
2014-2015 Planning Calendar - Not Available 80px-pdf



UCEI How To Use PDF Converter Instructions 

These instructions show you how to use Primo PDF (a program
that can save a document into PDF), but is no longer a necessary
step if
 you use the new PDF forms. The New PDF forms allow you
to save the document filled-out on your hard drive as you would any           other editable document. 



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