Homeschooling in Utah

The Homeschool Legal Defense Association provides analysis of homeschool legal requirements in each state in the U. S. Utah's requirements are listed here:


Homeschooling Under Your State Law in Utah


In summary, Utah provides two choices for legal homeschooling:

  1. File a notarized affidavit with the school district and provide instruction to your children.  Utah does not mandate a number of required days of instruction or required subjects.  The parent is solely responsible for curriculum selection, though if higher education is in the child's future, tracking subjects and curriculum taught in Utah schools will increase the chances of a student being accepted to a Utah college or university.

    HSLDA provides a template affidavit that you can use to file with your school district.  This template includes only the information required by law.  Some districts add a significant number of extra fields to their affidavit forms, none of which are legally required.  You must be an HSLDA member to access this link: Utah Template Affidavit.
  2. Form or join a private umbrella school and enroll your children in the umbrella school.  The parent will still provide instruction, but the umbrella school will assist in keeping track of paperwork and records associated with a child's education.

Questions about homeschooling in Utah can be directed to UTCH at